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Badminton is an exciting game of sport. Some of us might like badminton. For your information, badminton is also competed in summer Olympics since 1992 in Barcelona and tried in Olympic Seoul 1988. Since then, badminton becomes more popular.

Unfortunately, badminton is not as famous as tennis, the other sport using racket. Badminton player is not also famous as tennis player. This is because of the portion of badminton news is very rare. It is not easy to find badminton update news in the sport news. Sport news usually only discuss about football, basketball, and tennis.

Because of that, we are presented to give more information about badminton to all of you badminton lovers. We will try to always update about the news of badminton, from badminton tournament, profile of badminton player, and any other news related with badminton.

Come on guy we make the noise of badminton. We hope badminton become popular like the other racket sport. So, enjoy the news and spread it t your friends.



-Make Some Noise About Badminton-