Beautiful Wang Shixian with Bracket on Teeth in CBSL 2017 – Badminton Noise

Do you miss the beautiful Wang Shixian? Many badminton lovers were feeling so sad right after Wang Shixian decided to retire from badminton international stage. In her 26 years old, Wang Shixian is still young to play and add badminton titles.

But, don’t be worried. Wang Shixian is still exist in some local badminton tournament in China. Recently, Wang Shixian played in China Badminton Super League (CBSL) 2016-2017. In this CBSL, Wang Shixian played for Jiangsu.

One different thing we see from Wang Shixian is her new bracket. Shixian used bracket in her teeth to make her teeth neater. We don’t exactly know since when Wang Shixian wears bracket. Is it new?

The always thing from Wang Shixian is her natural beauty on badminton court. All badminton fans really missed the beautiful Wang Shixian on court. Even though Wang Shixian has been retired just 4 months, but Wang Shixian appearance on badminton court such being the missing thing for fans.

To heal the miss of beautiful Wang Shixian, see the schedule of China Badminton Super League 2016-2017, especially Jiangsu team. Check it more carefully whether beautiful Wang Shixian will play or no when Jiangsu team having match.

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