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Badminton World Federation announced he best badminton players in 2016. It is announced during the gala dinner Dubai Super Series Final 2016. Some might be predicted by badminton lovers before. So, who are they the best badminton players 2016?

Para-Badminton Male Player of the Year : LUCAS MAZUR (France)
Para-Badminton Female Player of the Year : KARIN SUTER-ERATH (Switzerland)

Best Male Dressed: VIKTOR AXELSEN
Best Male dressed is for Viktor Axelsen. Still confusing what best dress mean. It might be about the fashion and dress of badminton players on badminton court. Viktor Axelsen was always looking goegous on badminton court. Usually, he wore the sleeveless shirt and he looks handsome. Is it match he got this award?

Best Female Dressed: WOON KHE WEI – Best Badminton Players 2016
This is for Woon Khe Wei, Malaysian badminton player. Woon Khe Wei is beautiful badminton player specialized in women double. She always looks very gorgeous even though on badminton court.

Most Improved Player: PV SHINDU
The most improved player 2016 is for Pusarla Venkata Shindu. Yeah, this award is compatible for her because of her improved performance in 2016. PV Shindu surprisingly got silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016. Then, she also got her first Super Series title in China Open Super Series Premiere 2016 after beating Sun Yu in the final.

Most Promising Player: CHEN QINGCHEN
As predicted, the most promising badminton player is for Chen Qingchen from China. Chen Qingchen is very promising during 2016. Only in brief time, Chen Qingchen partner with Zheng Siwei stayed in the top 3 mixed double rank. She also got her first super series title in mixed double in Japan Open 2016. Chen QIngchen is also promising in women double. She got super series title for the first time in Australia Open 2016 paired with Bao Yixin. She also entered top 8 partnered Jia Yifan. She deserve most promising best badminton players 2016.

Male Player of the Year 2016: LEE CHONG WEI
This highest male award is for Lee Chong Wei, Malaysian badminton player. Even though he didn’t play in many tournaments, but he still stayed in the top rank men single right now. He is so consistent in his 34 years old right now. For the third time in a row, he got silver medal Olympics. He is beaten by Chen Long in the final. This is the other Lee Chong Wei award as one of best badminton players.

Female Player of the Year 2016: MISAKI MATSUTOMO/AYAKA TAKAHASHI
As predicted, no deny that female player of the year is for Misaki Matsutomo/Ayaka Takahashi. This wone double is so superior in 2016. Stayed in the top rank women double, Misaki/Ayaka stole 3 super series premiere title in All England, Indonesia Open, and Denmark Open. Their highest achievement in 2016 is grabbing gold medal Olympic in women double and broke China domination in women double.

Congratulations for all best badminton players 2016

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