Top 17 Badminton Rackets 2020 Review – Premium Buyer’s Guide

Early this year, numerous badminton rackets have emerged in the market where professionals and nonprofessionals are eyeing on to buy.

It’s no wonder we choose and compare top badminton rackets so we know what’s best for us.

Finding the right one is tiresome, right?

I feel you.

Here, I will serve as your guide to finding the good badminton rackets in the market. This will narrow down your search to the best among the best.

I have done considerable research about best badminton rackets to come up with a good list.

So buckle up! This will be a long journey!

How To Choose The Best Badminton Rackets

Choose The Shape You Like

Badminton rackets come in two shape heads. You need to choose the one you think will improve the performance of your game. You can either select between an oval-shaped and a square-shaped racket head.

If you will choose the oval-shaped racket head, this will give you more concentrated power during the game. Using this type will be to your advantage in the game if you get used to it. On the other hand, if you choose the square-shaped one, you will give more space to your birdie to land. This can help you improve your performance too. So which one do you prefer?

Consider The Racket’s Weight

When you have chosen your preferred racket head shape, the next thing you must keep in mind is the racket’s weight. This is also important in gathering tips about the best badminton rackets. You can either choose between a lightweight and a heavyweight. Now, in most cases, many people choose the lightweight racket for an easier holding and control. That’s understandable.

If you choose the lightweight racket, it will give you swifter mobility during the game. You can move easily and freely with the lightweight. On the other hand, if you choose the heavyweight, your moves will become stable, and your momentum will become finer. You will have a consistent motion that does not easily break. You only have to know how to use it to your advantage, however.

Check The Tension Of The Racket’s Strings

Another thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the professional badminton racket is the positioning of the racket’s strings. You need to make sure the tightness of the strings is according to your level of expertise, if you are a beginner or a professional player. The strings’ tension will affect your performance entirely.

For beginners, the suggested measurement is 16-20 lbs, while for professionals, the suggested one is 19-24 lbs. A higher string tension measurement is recommended for professionals because the tightness will affect the power and control of your performance. This also means the higher the string tension measurement, the more consistent you should be when playing. Consistency of the play will eventually give you great performance.

Take Note Of The Grip Size

Like the racket head, the grip size also has two options you can choose from. You can either get the smaller or the bigger one. There is no particular recommendation as to what should the ideal size. However, the only key here is to buy the one you can easily control or manipulate.

When buying one, try to examine or test the handle of the racket by simply displaying simple moves. In this way, you’ll get to know if a smaller or larger one is more comfortable to your use. The only downside of selecting the larger one is that it might tire you in later use. Regardless, it would still depend on your preference if which one is more convenient for you.

Think About Having A Flexible Shaft

The best badminton racket for smashing depends on the flexibility of the racket’s shaft. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to have a flexible shaft. A flexible shaft can help in smashing the birdie at its maximum speed. You will need this as you are still adjusting to your movements, control, and power.

On the other hand, for the best badminton racket for advanced players, the recommendation is the other way around. You need to secure a less flexible shaft. The reason for this is that you already have a good control over your movements, power, and others. Getting a more flexible shaft can generally affect your performance badly.

Select The Racket Made Of Lightweight Aluminum Or Steel

It is also recommended to buy a racket made of lightweight aluminum or steel, especially if you are a professional player. A lightweight material can give you finer movements during your play. It is also aerodynamic, which can speed up your movements for a better play. Getting used to this material is the key to your speed control.

Do Not Forget The Racket’s Balance Point

The racket’s balance point relates to the entire weight of the racket, only that it focuses on the weight of its head. Although this feature is more dedicated to professional badminton players, beginners should also start to include this on the checklist. The balance point primarily affects the power of your smashes.

During your play, a good balance point will serve as your channel in releasing power to your smashes. As a user, however, you only need to have a really good control over your smashes, not to mention its extra weight. So if you are looking for the best badminton racket for smash and control, check its balance point!

Try Having A Second-Hand Badminton Racket

It isn’t bad to buy a second-hand racket if you are still in the middle of deciding what features you will prefer. Buying a second-hand one will help you decide more on your final specifics. Aside from that, it doesn’t cost you much compared to a brand new one. Your money will not go to waste if you bought the wrong one, which might be the most expensive badminton racket.

When buying a second-hand racket, however, select the one you think will be of good use to you. Don’t worry. You are only getting a second-hand one to help you come up with your final decision. Who knows? You might end up not purchasing a brand new racket because the second-hand is already what you are looking for.

Do Your Own Research

In addition to my guide here, do your own research too as part of gathering information about the best badminton rackets. It is still helpful to gather your own resources because after all, it’s your call. You might find some helpful tips that will be useful to your search.

Aside from exploring the Internet to find the good ones, you have plenty of other resources. You can ask your friends who are into badminton, if any, and learn from their tips. You can also join clubs and community groups specializing in badminton to know more about the specifics of a good racket. This way, you are not only doing research but also socializing with people who have the same interest as yours.

Best Badminton Rackets Review

Yonex 2016 Nanoray 10F

First on our list of the best badminton rackets is from Yonex. The company is one of the leading sports brands in the world specializing in tennis, badminton, and golf products. They value consumer seriousness in the game, so they create strong products that fit most of us. They are also driven by technology, so they always make new designs and explore new materials to improve the quality of their products.

The Yonex 2016 Nanoray 10F is perfect for beginners as it has high flexibility. Its frame and shaft are generally made of graphite. However, to come up with a higher flexibility, the shaft’s graphite material is combined with nanomesh and carbon nanotube materials. The racquet can also give you satisfying powerful shots with its TFA cap that absorbs vibration.


  • High flexibility, great for beginners
  • Gives powerful shots with its TFA cap
  • Minimizes air resistance and generates maximum repulsion with its frame’s top thinner sides and bottom’s thicker sides, respectively


  • Strings easily break after few uses
  • Grip starts to wear off after several uses

As what the racquet highlights about its flexibility, this racquet is great for beginners. However, you also have to consider the strings’ quality. Using it with extra care may allow the strings to last longer, however.

Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2

We have another entry from Yonex! Don’t be surprised. They dominate our list of the best badminton rackets! The company has been consistently creating competitive sports products that could be a potential as the best badminton racket you can find in the market.

This racket features a very thin shaft and a high-tech voltage system that help increase smash power. It has a lesser flexibility that gives extra stiffness to the racket. The racket is also lightweight for an easier gameplay. It is generally designed for a strong attack and a firm defense.


  • Extra stiffness for a good offense and defense
  • Easy to use because of its lightweight design
  • Can keep up with aggressive players


  • Fragile frame, which easily breaks
  • Slightly small head that does not give more space for the birdie to land

This model from Yonex is excellent for professional players as it highlights good offense and defense features. The only concern is the small racket head, which can be a major problem with aggressive plays.

Yonex Voltric 2017 New (7 NEO/5FX/LITE)

Yonex is still in the house! This is expected anyway. It’s not surprising they are one of the giants in badminton brands around the world. So what do we have here from them?

The Yonex Voltric 2017 is designed for mid-range players. It has a high-tech tri-voltage system that generates power for killer smashes. The racket is also Yonex BG80 pre-strung at 25lbs. Like other Yonex badminton rackets, its frame and shaft are made of graphite. The frame is even made really sturdy combining graphite with tungsten.


  • Perfect for mid-range players with its tri-voltage system
  • Comfortable to use because it is lightweight
  • Produces powerful shots with its high-tech system


  • Frame may easily break when in accidental contact with another racket
  • Poor string quality, which may easily break

Why not try this Yonex badminton racket model if you are a mid-range player? It has a remarkable high-tech system that gives strong smashes. It would still depend on how you use it if the strings break quickly.

Yonex Nanoray 20

I guess Yonex does not get bored flooding our selection of the best badminton rackets. They are indeed driven by technology as they continuously create technology-based badminton rackets that attract the interest of many. They never get tired of exploring new things with technology!

This racket model from Yonex is also designed for intermediate players, but it does not limit to beginners as well. Its shaft is built strong with graphite combined with nanomesh and carbon nanotube. This is also lightweight, perfect for intermediate players and beginners.


  • Gives high speed and sharp movements to intermediate players because it is lightweight
  • Provides good smashes while keeping the birdie in play
  • Great durability for long-term use


  • Strings easily break and get loose after several uses
  • Low frame durability as it quickly breaks with short-distance fall

This racket is also worth looking into. As an intermediate player, you can create good powerful smashes with it. Like many other rackets, just handle it with extra caution.

Victor Brave Sword 1800

We have a new entry from Victor! The company’s tagline is “Ready to win!” They have been producing promising badminton equipment such as rackets, footwear, bags, apparels, and accessories. Their brand mentality is to recognize athletes who stand out in their field. They are also known to support world-class professional badminton athletes since the 1990s.

The Victor Brave Sword 1800 is great for players who are looking for a 4U lightweight racket. Its shaft is intentionally designed with moderate flexibility for good control. It’s called “sword” because of its edges that cut through the air like a sword. It makes your swing speed faster by reducing its air resistance.


  • Makes swing speed faster with its unique design
  • Moderately flexible shaft for good control
  • Suitable for intermediate and expert players


  • Not best for beginners

Getting this racket from Victor seems like it’s giving you that “samurai feeling” when playing badminton. This is one of the good-quality rackets in the market great for people with advanced skills. However, for beginners, you might need to take into consideration the advanced features of this racket that are not on par yet with your skills.

Yonex Nanoray 7000I

Yonex once again enters our selection of the best badminton rackets! It is another nanoray model many people are eyeing on. The nanoray 7000I is distinguishable with its isometric head shape. It is perfect for beginners with its flexible shaft made of graphite.

Moreover, its frame is durable that gives strong stability and improves your performance. This racket is entirely made of a combination of graphite and aluminum. It also has a grip size of G4 for a good grip. Your play will be freer with powerful smashes.


  • Hand grip gives superior comfort without sweating your hand
  • Isometric head shape creates good angle for powerful shots
  • Great for beginners with its flexible shaft


  • Might not be best for people with advanced skills

This racket is one of the great choices in the market for beginners. You will enjoy its comfort while holding it, and its flexibility will help you improve your skills. For people with advanced skills, you can still look into this racket, but it may not meet your expectations.

Yonex Arcsaber 002

Expect more from our dominant brand Yonex! The Arcsaber 002 badminton racket highlights its great nanoair spring for excellent power, control, and accuracy. The racket has medium flexibility for a good and longer hold of the birdie on the string bed. Yonex has been creating shafts made of graphite, and this one too is made of the same material.

This racket model is constructed to deliver precise shots with a high control level. Its frame is made of CS carbon nanotubes for better durability. Arcsaber 002 is better with starters and intermediate players.


  • Better option for beginners and intermediate players
  • Provides good balance between power and precision
  • Good with drop shots because it’s lightweight


  • Might be difficult holding it with its small grip
  • Strings easily get loose and broken
  • Does not include hand rubber for the grip

This racket is also another good option from Yonex for beginners and intermediate players. It clearly gives you good shots; however, you must also take note of the poor string construction. Just play with it with care!

Yonex Basic 6000

You might expect basic features with the Basic 6000 badminton racket model. We will soon find that out! This model also has an isometric head made of aluminum for bigger spaces for birdies to land. Its shaft is made of steel, which makes it really stiff. Yes! This racket is designed for beginners!

It is pre-strung by Yonex, which provides durable strings with tight tension. Although its flexibility is lesser, this is still excellent in PE classes, universities, and other beginner uses.


  • Great for beginners
  • Isometric head for a larger birdie landing space


  • May not be suitable for people with advanced skills

Beginners will benefit largely from its basic features. It is designed to help you improve your badminton abilities. In terms of using this with advanced badminton players, it might not be a good match.

Yonex Duora 77

The Duora 77 racket highlights its all-around functionality. This means it is suitable for all types of skills. Its dual optimum system provides excellent performance by boosting your forehand power and the distance on your backhand. It has medium flexibility that adjusts to all types of players.

This racket can also be strung from 19 to 26 lbs. However, this racket is already pre-strung by Yonex. It is also perfect for playing in singles or doubles.


  • Suitable for all types of players
  • Improves performance with its forehand and backhand power
  • Medium flexibility that adjusts to different levels of intensity


  • Poor frame quality, which easily gets broken

This racket model is worth trying for as it fits everyone. With careful use, this racket will eventually last longer. Don’t mind about the price if it will help you improve your badminton skills!

Yonex Nanoray 10

It’s another nanoray racket from Yonex! The nanoray series is known to provide a faster and more controlled swing. It is also designed with enhanced repulsion to make it more difficult for opponents during the game.

The racket’s shaft is made of nanomesh, carbon graphite, and carbon nanotube, which makes it more flexible for the user. The frame’s composition is from a graphite material excellent for smashing support. It is recommended for beginners and intermediate players because it is easy to use and lightweight.


  • Made of lightweight material great for a faster swing and a harder smash
  • Great durability for long-term use
  • Best for beginners and intermediate players


  • May need overgrips for better handling

This is also another nanoray model you should consider. It is sturdy and good for long-term use. The problem with overgrips can be easily solved, however. So better buy an overgrip now if you are planning to purchase this model!

Yonex Duora 10

The Yonex Duora series is also another series that’s making a lot of noise in the market today. The series is created with a specialized design combining two unique frame shapes in one racket. It boasts the strong features of huge forehands and quick backhands. It is a model to command the court with the combination of the forehand and backhand power.

This racket is pre-strung by Yonex with BG65Ti string for perfect tension, great for advanced players. The racket provides an even balance between a slightly heavy frame and a stiff shaft. It also gives good drop shots with both sides. The smashing power is excellent with its slightly heavy frame.


  • Improves performance with its forehand and backhand power
  • Delivers good support to advanced players with its tension construction
  • Gives a powerful smashing through its frame weight


  • May not be best for beginners

For people with advanced skills, this model from Yonex is one of the good options for a powerful racket. Although its price needs considerable rethinking, it can definitely improve your dominance in the court.

Yonex Voltric 5

The Voltirc series has a different approach among the other Yonex series. The series is designed to improve performance through a combination of fast racket handling and incredible power. It’s perfect for players looking for an exceptional “all-around” gameplay. Therefore, Voltric 5 is worth to mention in our selection of the best badminton rackets!

This Voltric model has an improved graphic design with its striking colors. Its frame is noticeably thinner, wrapping around the racket’s head. The racket is slightly heavy with its 3U grading. Its shaft has medium flexibility that suits good players. This model is still recommended with a maximum tension of 24 lbs.


  • Plays so much better with its tight tension
  • Creates powerful hits with its heavy head feature
  • Great balance between power and precision for an improved play


  • May be difficult with handling because of the small grip size
  • Not ideal for beginners

For advanced players out there, don’t miss this Voltric model because it’s the least expensive of the Voltric series. You only need to adjust to the weight of the racket if you are a new Voltric user. Nevertheless, this is still a good option.

Yonex Muscle Power 3

Yonex introduces another model here. The company is not finished yet with its excellent badminton rackets! It’s still running in our selection of the best badminton rackets.

This racquet can be one of the less expensive Yonex badminton rackets because it has a price range. Its oval-shaped head is made of aluminum with strings rounded perfectly on the frame. The racquet’s shaft is constructed from carbon graphite, which provides a high level of repulsion. This overall construction makes the racquet more powerful in all areas.


  • Made with lightweight material for an easier use
  • Has a good quality for a cheaper price


  • May change the frame’s shape when prolonged use because it has low durability
  • Strings easily break

Yonex is a good brand that produces high-quality products, and this one is worth to consider as well. However, depending on the usage, a badminton racquet will easily break without careful use.

Yonex B-350

Anther Yonex included on our list of the best badminton rackets! It only means the company is constantly creating good badminton products until now. The Yonex B-350 Badminton Racket closes the flooding of Yonex entries on our list.

The racket’s head has an oval shape made of lightweight alloy. Since it’s also entirely made with a lightweight material, its overall weight is also light. It is pre-strung by Yonex, which is good for beginners. The racket’s handle, on the other hand, is made of wood.


  • Good quality for beginners
  • Lightweight material for easy movements
  • Great durability for long-term use


  • Strings easily get loose
  • Too hard, which may not display considerable flexibility

This model from Yonex is also best for beginners. However, the game will not be fun if the strings get loose after several plays. So use it carefully!

Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports made its way on our selection of the best badminton rackets! This makes our list even more exciting!

This elite performance racket emphasizes its tight badminton string technology feature, which allows you to give back an accurate and precise hit. Its powerful and sturdy frame lets you transfer much energy to it giving a high-quality performance. The racket’s performance grip gives you a good combination of comfort and performance.


  • Tight string technology for a greater smashing attack
  • Sturdy frame for best long-term use
  • Good grip, which makes the game more fun without hand discomfort


  • Could be too expensive for consumers who only want recreational play

This badminton racket from Franklin Sports is one of the high-quality rackets on the market. For the purpose of professional game, this model is also one of the best options. However, it cannot be avoided to think twice about the price if you merely want to have fun.

FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

We should also welcome RiteTrak Sports in our great options of the best badminton rackets! Although the company is still new in the market, they made their way to the competition. They offer a great range of badminton products that can suit everyone’s preference. Their badminton products are designed for an enjoyable outdoor play with family and friends!

This racket set highlights the inclusions of the set. It includes two rackets, three birdies, and a bag. The rackets are designed with a “T” shape that connects the shaft and the face of the racket. They are sturdy and reliable, perfect for great outdoor plays. They are also lightweight with an embossed hand grip, which gives you a great performance.


  • Sturdy and reliable rackets for long-term use
  • Solid construction for greater durability
  • Embossed hand grip that does not easily unravel


  • Strings are not too tight, which may break with several uses
  • Not ideal for aggressive players as features are too basic

This racket is a good option for pure fun and recreational activities. The only downside is for people with advanced skills. This might not meet their needs or standards.

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet

Save the best for last for Senston! The brand is not new to people in the badminton sport. However, if you are still a beginner, the name might sound familiar. It is indeed! The company has constantly been creating top-tier products! N80 graphite single high-grade badminton racquet happens to be one.

This top-tier badminton racquet is entirely made of graphite from its shaft to its frame. Its “T” shape connector, unlike others, is constructed from a unique type of lightweight plastic generally made of epoxy resin. Its wonderfully made square head shape has a larger space that will help improve your hit rate. The racquet’s strings are designed according to the standards of a professional level.


  • High-tech frame design that minimizes swing resistance
  • Lightweight “T” shape connector for a more stable and powerful frame
  • Professional string construction suitable for recreational and professional games


  • Grip cover easily comes off after several uses

Senston N80 badminton racquet is a good choice in the market with a square head. However, extra care is needed for the grip cover to last long.

Final Verdict

The above list of the best badminton rackets this year is just your guide. The final say will still depend on you, on your badminton needs and wants. The important things to consider if you decide to get one now are the features of the racket, the brand, the price, and most importantly, the satisfying feeling of the right one. Best of luck!

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