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The love relationship among Chen Long and Wang Shixian is not new news. The speculation of their relationship is spread out some years ago. Chen Long and Wang Shixian also don’t refuse their relationship.

The last one news about Chen Long and Wang Shixian is when Shixian went to Rio only to support Chen Long. Wang Shixian is not qualified to play in Rio, but she sincerely flied far away to Rio only for him. And the support of Wang Shixian to Chen Long gave the sweet prize because Chen Long got gold medal in men single discipline. It proved that Wang Shixian is a good and loyal Chen Long girlfriend.

Last, Chen Long posted his closeness with Wang Shixian. In the photo, Wang Shixian carried the cute and funny baby. Besides, Chen Long looks caring to the baby. Is there any sign from Chen Long about the photos he posted?

Is it a sign that Chen Long will be marrying Wang Shixian soon? It doesn’t clear yet. Both of Chen Long and Wang Shixian never give any confirmation about their relationship goal. They are still enjoying their relationship and career.

Chen Long Girlfriend, Wang Shixian and Her Study

Wang Shixian, Chen Long girlfriend is also starting the new path of her life. Shixian decided to have retirement from badminton after Olympics. It answers many questions why her name is not included in many super series tournament after Olympic. Wang Shixian decided to start her master study.

In the other side, Chen Long still continued his career as badminton player. He still stayed in the second rank men single shadowing Lee Chong Wei in the top rank. Chen Long is also the main gun for China in men single.

However, Chen Long and Wang Shixian relationship makes many people curious. They support each other for their best path of the life.

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