Chen Long Wang Shixian Sweet Couple Fans Meeting – Badminton Noise

No deny that Chen Long and Wang Shixian are the sweet badminton couple right now. Before, we see Chen Long Wang Shixian sweetness in Universal Studio Japan, now we see it in any other way.

Chen Long and Wang Shixian hot and sweet relationship seen in Chen Long fans meeting 13 November. It makes envy all fans who attend the Chen Long fans meeting. Chen Long and Wang Shixian also played mixed doubles in exhibition.

Taken from sina, you can see within the photo of Chen Long Wang Shixian joy on stage. See it. With the couple black shirt, Chen Long and Wang Shixian smile, even Wang Shixian laugh so wide. It looks like that they are really enjoying their relationship.

Even though Wang Shixian already retired from badminton stage, but she is not losing her way in badminton. However, this is because of Chen Long. Wang Shixian still became the hot issue in badminton news because of her relationship with Chen Long.

So, when Chen Long and Wang Shixian will be getting married? We all see that Chen Long Wang Shixian is very match couple. Both of Chen Long and Wang Shixian is handsome and beautiful badminton player.

Definitely, the sweetness of Chen Long Wang Shixian will always be continuing after this.

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