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Chen Qingchen is becoming the hottest topic to discuss after Rio Olympic. She becomes the most shining young Chinese badminton players after Rio Olympic 2016. When many senior Chinese badminton players retired after Rio Olympic 2016, Chen Qingchen emerges to bring back China glory in badminton.

Born in 1997, of course Chen Qingchen is still very young. She was still following junior tournament in 2015, and becoming world junior champion in mixed doubles (with Zheng Siwei) and women double (with Jia Yifan).

Now, Chen Qingchen stayed in top 10 world rank BWF in mixed double and women double.

As a teenager, do you see that Chen Qingchen is still cute? Chen Qingchen is not too high, and her body is little bit chubby. Chen Qingchen cute when she is off badminton court can be seen in many updates in her weibo social media.

Now, here you are Chen Qingchen cute photo uploaded. This is the photo which taken when Chinese badminton players who play in China Open SSP arrived in Fuzhou.

Chen Qingchen wears red-pink hoodie jacket. The jacket looks so thick. It might because the cold weather in China.

Wearing her hoodie on her head, Chen Qingchen looks so expressionless and flat. She looks so cute wearing the sporty costume like that. Besides, she lifts her luggage and puts her carrier bag behind her back.

But, Chen Qingchen cute pic might not be found when Chen Qingchen on court. Chen Qingchen will be something different with her magic shot and her high spirit.

Chen Qingchen is still in onfire right now. Will Chen Qingchen add her title in China Open SSP? In the latest tournament, Chen Qingchen is very good. She got double title in French Open and Bitburger Open. She also reached final Denmark Open SSP in mixed double with Zheng Siwei.

We will see Chen Qingchen cute pic in other way in China Open SSP soon.

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