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This is the other cute Jia Yifan outside badminton court. Now, Jia Yifan became the young monster partnered with Chen Qingchen in women double discipline. But, do you know that Jia Yifan is actually cute?

Well, this is the cute Jia Yifan photo when she was child. This photo is uploaded by Jia Yifan in her Instagram account. With the sincere smile and cute face, Jia Yifan smiles to the camera. Oh my god, she is so cute and adorable, right?

Jia Yifan long hair is tailed in 2 sides. It makes her cuter. See how she was holding the badminton racket. It looks like that Jia Yifan was passionate with badminton since she was child. Of course, with the hard training, Jia Yifan now became the great women badminton player, specialized in women double.

Many netizens gave the comment to the cute Jia Yifan child photos. Even, Nichaon Jindapol and Shin Seung Chan liked the photos. Many netizens gave the compliments to the Jia Yifan child photos. Here you are some comments from netizens to Jia Yifan uploaded photo:

Min_rahmatillah Jiaa you are so cute 😀

Nofrani03 So cute :3

Rimeltive talented since born lol

What do you think about cute Jia Yifan child photo?

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