Cute Nozomi Okuhara Wearing Kimono, Is Her Cuteness Overload? – Badminton Noise

The cute Nozomi Okuhara is still in recovery to heal her injury. We might don’t see her bouncing footwork and flexible gesture on badminton court for some times before she is going to be ready after recovery.

This is the new Nozomi Okuhara photo with kimono. This photo can cure your miss to this cute badminton player. However, Nozomi Okuhara is very cute, right? Even with badminton jersey, her cuteness is still over loading. Now, you can see the other beauty of Nozomi Okuhara wearing Japanese traditional attire, kimono.

Nozomi Okuhara sincere smile and cute face made badminton fans melted and fall in love with her. See what difference with Nozomi Okuhara wearing kimono. The first is Nozomi Okuhara touched her face with makeup. This is something that she never does on court. The second is the accessories on her hair. She is much cuter, right? Anyway, the cute Nozomi Okuhara is always cute, in many ways.

It’s still not confirmed yet when Nozomi Okuhara will be back to badminton court. After failed to defense Super Series Final title, it is also questionable whether Nozomi Okuhara will play in All England to defense her last year title.

All England is the most classic and the oldest badminton tournament. All top badminton players will participate there. Of course, Nozomi Okuhara will lose much point if she cannot defense All England title. Hope we can see the cute Nozomi Okuhara on court, soon.

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