Fu Haifeng Retired after Dubai Super Series Final 2016 – Badminton Noise

The shocking news came from senior Chinese badminton player, Fu Haifeng. Fu Haifeng, one of the men doubles legend in badminton; decide to end his badminton career in the end of 2016.

This badminton player who had the hard smash will still play until the end of this year before decision of Fu Haifeng retired. Fu Haifeng will be pairing with the other senior badminton player, Xu Chen. For the first time, Fu Haifeng paired with Xu Chen in Denmark Open Super Series Premier 2016. Unfortunately Fu Haifeng/Xu Chen lost to Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen in round 2 Denmark Open 2016.

Xu Chen/Fu Haifeng pair in men doubles still continues in the next tournament. Xu Chen and Fu Haifeng still play in China Open SSP and Hong Kong Open SS next month.

In the end of this year, Fu Haifeng paired with Zhang Nan will play in the closing tournament, Dubai Super Series Final. Zhang Nan/Fu Haifeng got the privilege to play in Dubai SSF 2016 after they grab gold medal in Rio Olympic 2016.

Dubai SSF tournament in the end of the year is the badminton tournament with the big prize of money. Only 8 top badminton players in every discipline can participate in this tournament. That’s why Fu Haifeng will still play in this year. After Fu Haifeng retired, we might not see Fu Haifeng in badminton international stage.

Fu Haifeng Retired, the Most Successful Badminton Men Double Player in Olympics

Fu Haifeng can be mentioned as the most successful player in Olympic. During his career in badminton, Fu Haifeng got 2 gold medal in 2 different Olympic with different partner.

He got the first gold Olympic medal in London 2012 pairing with Cai Yun. Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng beats Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen and made China clean sweep in badminton. 4 years later, Fu Haifeng got the second gold medal pairing with Zhang Nan. Zhang/Fu beats Malaysian player, Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong.

Badminton lovers still can enjoy his game before Fu Haifeng retired in the end year. Many of fans will be missing him because he is the legend in men doubles. Before Fu Haifeng retired, the other Chinese male badminton players announced their retirement, such as Cai Yun and Wang Zhengming.

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