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The puzzle of Hendra Setiawan future has been answered. If before Hendra Setiawan still doesn’t give the clear answer about his future in badminton, now he answered it all.

As per 1 December 2016, Hendra Setiawan fixed to leave Indonesia training camp. So, China Open SSP 2016 and Hong Kong Open SS will be his last tournament with Indonesia training camp. Hendra Setiawan will partner Berry Angriawan in China Open SSP and Hong Kong Open SS.

But, Hendra Setiawan didn’t think about retirement. He will play as independent player. Quoted from badmintonindonesia.org, Hendra still didn’t think yet who will be his partner as professional badminton player.

“We will see, there are some candidates to be my partners, there is also the possibility to pair with badminton player out of Indonesia” said Hendra.

After leaving Indonesia training camp, Hendra Setiawan hopes that his junior can give better performance. He said that the junior should be ready to be the backbone for Indonesia.

This is the second time Hendra Setiawan out of Indonesia training camp. In 2009, Hendra ever left training camp and became professional badminton player with Markis Kido. Out of training camp, he got gold medal in Asian Games and other titles. Then, he is back to training camp and pairing with Mohammad Ahsan. Hendra Setiawan repeated his glory with Ahsan. World champion, gold Asian games, All England champion, and many others titles collected by Hendra and Ahsan.

Hendra Setiawan Leaves Training Camp Comment on Instagram

Hendra Setiawan gives the comment about his planning to leave Indonesia training camp in his Instagram account.

“There is come the hard moment, again, in my life. Thanx to PBSI for the chance and support. No matter how hard and heavy it is, I have to live it. Indonesia needs younger generation to keep our heads up in the world. No one knows what will happen next. All I know is that i do my best to be a better person and to make Indonesia proud everyday.”

“I hope PBSI will always be great and give the best to our best country – INDONESIA”

So, who will be Hendra Setiawan partner as professional and independent player?

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