[Highlight] Men Single Players Dubai Super Series Final 2016 Qualifier – Badminton Noise

Having the right to participate in Dubai Super Series Final 2016 is being the pride for every badminton players. This is because they included as the best 8 players whole this year. In the other side, Super series final also provides huge amounts of money. These are men single player qualified for Dubai Super Series Final 2016:

  1. Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark)

Jan O Jorgensen became the men single player with the highest points in destination Dubai rank with 65440 points. He is so consistent in every single tournament he followed, especially in super series tournament. During 2016, he became the champion in China Open 2016, runner up in Indonesia Open and Japan Open, and semifinalist in Malaysia Open and Hong Kong Open.

It is normal if Jan O Jorgensen became the first seeded in Dubai SSF 2016, even though he paid attention because of he is too aggressive in some matches.

  1. Son Wan Ho (Korea)

The second men single player qualified is Son Wan Ho, Korean badminton player. In fact, Son Wan Ho didn’t get super series title in 2016. But, he became runner up in 3 super series this year, in Singapore Open, Korea Open, and Denmark Open. He also reached semifinal super series in India Open and Japan Open.

With his consistency in super series tournament 2016, can Wan Ho Son change 3 runner up become the champion Super Series Final? We will see.

  1. Tian Houwei (China)

Believe it or not, Tian Houwei became the first Chinese men single player who qualified in Dubai Super Series Final 2016. Not Lin Dan or even Chen Long. Tian Houwei got no title super series this year. But, he became runner up in All England after beaten by Lin Dan in final match. Beside, he is also semifinalist in Indonesia Open and several times quarterfinalist in some super series tournament.

So, Can Tian Houwei increase his performance in Dubai?

  1. Ng Ka Long (Hong Kong)

Ng Ka Long Angus from Hong Kong step up to the 4th place in destination dubai rank. This is after he became Hong Kong Open champion after beating Sameer Verma from India in the final. Before Hong Kong Open, He became semifinalist in Singapore Open and French Open.

With his better performance in the latest tournament, Ng Ka Long can be the big dark horse player in Dubai Super Series Final 2016. He can be the one who makes surprise in this end year tournament.

  1. Viktor Axelsen (Denmark)

Viktor Axelsen became the hope for Denmark men single after Jan O Jorgensen for men single players Dubai SSF 2016. He got bronze medal in Olympic 2016 after beating in Dan in bronze medal match. The highest achievement of Viktor Axelsen in super series is becoming runner up in India Open 2016. He is also semifinalist in China Open. Besides, he is stopped in quarterfinal.

With Jan O Jorgensen, he can threat the other players, especially from Asia.

  1. Marc Zwiebler (Germany)

Believe it or not, Marc Zwiebler is the third Europe player qualified in Dubai Super Series Fina 2016. It might because he followed all super series premier tournament during 2016. His biggest achievement during super series 2016 is becoming semifinalist in Japan Open and quarterfinalist in All England and India Open.

With the high spirit, Marc Zwiebler is the dark horse in Dubai Super Series Final.

  1. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)

The next name is Lee Chong Wei. Even though he only participated in 6 super series tournament along this year, but this is enough to make him qualified in men single players Dubai SSF 2016. In 6 tournaments, he became the champion in 3 occasions, in Malaysia Open, Indonesia Open, and Japan Open. He also became silver medalist in Olympic Rio 2016.

According to the issue, Lee Chong Wei might withdraw from Dubai to recover his injury. But, it is not officially yet announced.

  1. Chen Long (China/Privilege due to gold Olympic)

The last place for qialifier men single players Dubai Super Series final is for Chen Long, famous Chinese badminton player. He got the privilege to play in Dubai because of gold medal in Olympic 2016. Actually, he only stayed in 13th place destination Dubai rank. 5 times participated in super series tournament, Chen Long became runner up in Malaysia Open and China Open. But, he is still becoming the strong candidate to be the champion in Dubai.

Unfortunately, Chen Long might withdraw from Dubai. It is after Li Yong Bo wants him to focus to the next year. But, it is not announced yet officially.

So, who is your favorite to be men single players Dubai Super Series Final 2016 Champion?

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