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The other shocking news came from Japanese badminton player, Kenichi Hayakawa. According to many issues spread out in Japanese media, Kenichi Hayakawa decided to retire from badminton. Even, Kenichi Hayakawa had been submitted resignation letter to Japanese badminton national team.

Kenichi Hayakawa is being one of the top men double badminton players. Pairing with Hiroyuki Endo, Kenichi Hayakawa ever stayed in number 2 world rank men doubles. Hiroyuki Endo/ Kenichi Hayakawa ever became runner-up in All England 2013, 2014, and 2016.

Unfortunately, Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo never feel to be champion of super series tournament. They only stayed as runner-up in more than 5 final occasions, including 3 time All England final and 1 time super series final

Kenichi Hayakawa retired news is becoming the hot issue in Japanese media and the entire badminton fans in the world. Hayakawa and Endo don’t play again after their lost in the quarterfinal Olympic 2016. Hiroyuki Endo/ Kenichi Hayakawa played very well in the round robin by beating Chai Biao/Hong Wei and Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan. But, they should lose in the quarterfinal. Kenichi Hayakawa felt the pain because of his injury in the quarterfinal Olympic Rio 2016.

Kenichi Hayakawa Retired, Hiroyuki Endo Partnered Yuta Watanabe

Kenichi Hayakawa is 30 years old now. It is not the young age as badminton player. Even though there are some badminton players over 30, such as Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Hendra Setiawan who are still active in badminton now.

But, Kenichi Hayakawa injury is also being the reason. Hayakawa feel injured in Olympic in his knee. So, Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo lost easily in quarterfinal.

Now, Hiroyuki Endo will play with the other younger Japanese player, Yuta Watanabe. Yuta Watanabe is still 19 years old. Yuta Watanabe might be raised up in higher level in badminton by pairing with Hiroyuki Endo.

Still not confirmed yet what will Kenichi Hayakawa do after Kenichi Hayakawa retired from Japanese badminton national team. He might be badminton coach then.

Kenichi Hayakawa retirement added the world class men doubles player who leave badminton. Le Yong Dae, Kim Sa Rang, Shin Baek Choel, and Fu Haifeng are the name who confirmed leaving badminton.

Good luck for the next life after Kenichi Hayakawa retired.

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