Kento Momota Comeback Issue after Gambling Scandal – Badminton Noise

This might be the good news for Kento Momota fans all around the world. Kento Momota issued will be coming back to the badminton court. Is it true?

Kento Momota name is listed in Japan national badminton championship 2016 that will be held on 28th November until 4th December 2016.

Kento Momota comeback? It is becoming the hot issue in badminton news. However, Kento Momota is the great men single badminton player. There are many prestigious titles presented by Kento Momota in badminton. Momota also became the hero for Japan when grabbing Thomas Cup 2014 for the first time.

Unfortunately, Kento Momota included in the gambling scandal. It was revealed that Kento Momota and 2 other badminton players entered illegal casino in Japan. As the information, Japan nation is very strict with illegal gambling and casino. Illegal casino and illegal gambling are such the bad things for Japanese.

Because of illegal gambling scandal, badminton Japan association kicked out Kento Momota from Japan national team. Besides, Kento Momota also banned from badminton competition indefinitely period. So, there is uncertain time when Kento Momota is free from the ban because of illegal gambling.

Kento Momota Comeback, Listed in Japan National Badminton Championship 2016

The existence of Kento Momota name in Japan national badminton championship emerged many questions. Is really Kento Momota comeback? Is Kento Momota banned has been over? It is not cleared yet because Japan badminton association still didn’t give any confirmation yet.

The emergence of Kento Momota comeback in local tournament gives the fresh wind for badminton. Kento Momota is the young talented men single players. Kento Momota is banned when he is still staying in the top 5 rank men single.

We will see whats going on to Kento Momota, whether he will be back to the badminton international tournament, or he is still on banned by Japan badminton association because of illegal gambling.

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