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Lee Yong Dae Retires Shocking News

Victor Korea Open 2016 Super Series will be very emotional for some of Korean badminton players. However, there are 4 others Korean badminton players who will be leaving national team after Korea Open Super Series 2016.

There are Lee Yong Dae, Yoo Yeon Seong, Kim Sa Rang, and Bae Yeon Ju. The news of Lee Yong Dae Retires is not wrong. They are planning to leave national team and taking rest following their mate, Shin Baek Cheol who had already leaving national team before Rio Olympics 2016.

It was very emotional because all of the Korean shuttler are the main weapon for Korea in badminton right now. Even, Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong is still staying in the top rank Men’s double until today before Lee Yong Dae retires. What’s really happened with them? It becomes the big question from all people.

Lee Yong Dae Retires Played in Professional League

Quoted from Yonhap, Lee Yong Dae wants to take rest after his long journey in badminton. Lee Yong Dae shines in badminton since he paired with Lee Hyo Jung in London Olympic 2008. With Lee Hyo Jung, Lee Yong Dae becomes the youngest gold medalist in badminton after beating Indonesian badminton player Nova Widianto/Lilyana Natsir. After that, Lee Yong Dae becomes the big star Korean badminton. Its all before Lee Yong Dae retires.

But, he will play as independent player. Lee Yong Dae can choose the tournament he wants and reduce the rigid and exhausting tournament that he did in national team. Lee Yong Dae already intended to play in professional badminton league that is held in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and India.

Good Luck, Lee Yong Dae. You are one of the most handsome and cutest badminton players that we had ever seen. Don’t be too long to take rest for Lee Yong Dae retires. We will always miss you.

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