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Lee Yong Dae Yonex will have the new project for legend vision. Previously, we know with fantastic four of Yonex badminton players who included in Yonex Legend Vision. They are Lin Dan, Peter Gade, Lee Chong Wei, and Taufik Hidayat. Now, the member of Yonex legend vision will be added. This is Lee Yong Dae that will enter as the new member in Yonex Legend Vision.

How could it be? Lee Yong Dae will move to the Yonex right after his contract with Samsung will be over in the end of this year. Lee Yong Dae is expected by Ha Tae Kwon, Olympic gold medalist in 2004 and his former coach in Korea national team.

Lee Yong Dae Yonex Legend vision is chosen as Korea representative in Yonex. Now, every big country in badminton has its representative in Yonex Legend Vision. The difference of Lee Yong Dae Yonex with the other Yonex legend visions is he played in double discipline. The other Yonex Legend Vision badminton players, Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade, and Lee Chong Wei played in men single discipline. It was normal because Korea is famous with the strength in badminton men double discipline.

How Much Lee Yong Dae Yonex New Contract?

This is the questions from many badminton fans. How much the amount of Lee Yong Dae Yonex contract? According to the issue spreading out, Lee Yong Dae Yonex contract reached the fantastic value. Lee Yong Dae will be the model and ambassador for Yonex brand and also joined in Yonex Legend Vision.

But, Lee Yong Dae and Yonex contract deal is not signed yet. Now, Lee Yong Dae is still doing military service basic training for 4 weeks. It is scheduled that he will sign it after he finished military service basic training.

Even though Lee Yong Dae retired from official badminton tournament, but he is still exist in many badminton promotion. Of course, many Lee Yong Dae fans will never be patient to wait for Lee Yong Dae with new contract. Are you also waiting for Lee Yong Dae Yonex Legend Vision?

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