Lin Dan Affair with Other Girl, Name Zhao Yaqi the Model – Badminton Noise

The rumor of Lin Dan affair is still being the hot issue now in China. This is coming from when the person named “Detective Zhao” posted the photos of Lin Dan with the other girl. He posted it just several days after Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang baby born.

“Detective Zhao” stated that the photos are taken in October. This is when Xie Xingfang is still pregnant. After it is posted in Weibo social media, this post became viral. There are hundreds thousand repost of Lin Dan and the girl photos. Many netizen said that this is Lin Dan affair.

After some investigation of netizen in China, the girl with Lin Dan on photos finally revealed. Who is the girl who have affair with Lin Dan?

She is Zhao Yaqi. According to the internet users investigated Lin Dan affair, Zhao Yaqi is a model and actress in China. As a model, of course Zhao Yaqi is very beautiful.

Until now, there is no confirmation from both sides Lin Dan and Zhao Yaqi about the rumor of Lin Dan affair. Is it really an affair of Lin Dan and Zhao Yaqi? Or they are only closed?

Many netizen and badminton fans are still waiting for the confirmation about Lin Dan affair rumor.

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