Lin Dan Appearance in CBSL 2017 after His Affair Leaked – Badminton Noise

Lin Dan Appearance is still being the magnet for badminton lovers. After his shocking affair news with Zhao Yaqi, Lin Dan doesn’t seem in any occasion. Besides, Lin Dan is not really active in badminton tournament, even though he didn’t announce his retirement in badminton.

But, Lin Dan now showed himself in China Badminton Super League 2016-2017. Lin Dan also participate in CBSL 2017. Lin Dan will play for Guangzhou team in CBSL 2016-2017.

Lin Dan tried to forget his scandal affair. In China Badminton Super League 2017, Lin Dan tried to give winning point for the team.

See some Lin Dan photos in CBSL. In one photos, Lin Dan looks so stunning as usual. Lin Dan took pictures with his fans.

In the other photos, Lin Dan looks sitting seeing his teammate play for Guangzhou. Lin Dan was sitting beside Wang Zhengming, the retired Chinese badminton player who also play for Guangzhou in China Badminton Super League 2016-2017.

Lin Dan look so enthusiast seeing the badminton match. Well, Lin Dan appearance to the public also relieve the affair happened before. Now, Lin Dan is back to the court and many fans who are waiting for him in badminton court will see him.

There are many badminton players will participate in CBSL this year. Not only from China, but also from the other countries. There are women single no 1 rank Tai Tzu Ying, Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying, Lee Yong Dae, and the other badminton players.Don’t miss Lin Dan appearance and other players in China Badminton Super League (CBSL) 2016/2017.

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