Lin Dan Hairstyle in Silver Grey Color, Is It Fresh? – Badminton Noise

Lin Dan hairstyle looks new. Right after Chen Long showed his new reddish hair color, this is the time for Lin Dan to show something new with his hair.

Lin Dan new hairstyle is shown in the Chinese Badminton Super League (CBSL) 2016-2017 when he played against Qiao Bin. Lin Dan entered the badminton court with new silver hair. It looks like weird for the first time seeing it.

Lin Dan hair style with silver color might be the first one for him. Even though Lin Dan usually changed his hairstyle, but it seems this is the first silver grey color Lin Dan hairstyle. Maybe some badminton lovers said that Lin Dan looks older than his age. Lin Dan hairstyle looks lie granny hair color. So, it is normal if some fans said like old man hair color.

Of course, Lin Dan new hairstyle made him as the center of attention in CBSL. As the legend in badminton, what Lin Dan was doing is always being seen by all fans in China and even in the entire world.

For all you badminton lovers, what do you think with Lin Dan hairstyle in silver color?

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