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Lin Dan affair scandal with the other girl took many attentions from many people. This is because Lin Dan is included as the very popular person in China, especially as success sportman. Many netizens speculated what will be happening to Lin Dan after his affair scandal became viral in all over the world.

One of the questions emerged is about Lin Dan sponsor. Lin Dan income is very much from many brands which contracted him as brand ambassador. You can see when Lin Dan is becoming ambassador for KFC, Yonex, Oakley, Gilette, Citroen, Red Bull, Pepsi, and so on.

Many negated side is given by many people after Lin Dan affair leaked. Just a little bit netizens who can think normally. Even though Xie Xingfang has been forgiven Lin Dan, but it is not with the other people. May be including with the sponsor.

With many Lin Dan sponsor, this is normal when Lin Dan included as one of the richest sportman in China. It is predicted that he has more than USD30 million from sponsors. Because of his great performance in badminton, many sponsor tied him in contract with the high income.

The Affair Which Might Affect to Lin Dan Sponsor Contract

According to Tom Eldsmen, the staff of sport marketing agency in Shanghai cooperated with Manchester United, Bundes Liga, and Kobe Bryant, what happened to Lin Dan wil effect to the sponsorship. It might happen if the sponsors suddenly end his contract.

He added that Lin Dan will be anxious with his contract. This is the serious problem.

“This is the first scandal happened in China by sportman, this is so shocking surprise” he added.

Back to the story, Lin Dan affair leaked after a weibo account named Zhaowuer posted the photos and videos of Lin Dan with the other girls. After some investigation, the girl is Zhao Yaqi, the model and actress in China. Zhaowuer posted that the photos and videos of Lin Dan affair are taken in October, he time when Lin Dan wife Xie XIngfang is pregnant.

This case will still continue, including what will be happening to Lin Dan sponsor contract with many famous brands.

Quoted from: Vetriciawizach, CNN

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