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There are many women badminton athlete that you are interested to know more. In this article, you will see some beautiful badminton players in the entire world. Who are they?

We will give 5 beautiful badminton players from some countries. They are not only beautiful, but also they are having the good performance on badminton court. They also had many achievement and titles in their career as female badminton players.

Here you are 5 pretty badminton players as our preferences:

  1. Jung Kyung Eun

Jung Kyung Eun is Korean badminton player specialized in women doubles who was born in 1990. If you still remembered, Jung Kyung Eun is included in the black card incident in London Olympic 2012. Paired with Kim Ha Na, Kyung Jung Eun should let the medal go because of unfair match with the other women double players, including Wang Xiaoli/Yu Yang, Kim Min Jung/Ha Jung Eun, and Greysia Polii, Meiliana Jauhari.

But, Jung Kyung Eun doesn’t give up because of black card incident in Olympic London 2012. Now, paired with his junior Shin Seung Chan, they stayed in the 2nd rank women doubles after Misaki Matsutomo/Ayaka Takahashi in the top rank.

Jung Kyung Eun is not only one of beautiful badminton players, but she is also fierce on court. She has the hard smash and she prefers play in the back court. With Shin Seung Chan, she got bronze medal Rio Olympic 2016 and some Super Series titles, such as Denmark Open 2015 champion and Korea Open 2015 champion.

  1. Wang Yihan

No one deny Wang Yihan power on badminton court. Born in 1988, Wang Yihan is included as beautiful badminton players in women single discipline. She got many titles in women single, from world champion, gold medal Asian Games, silver medal Olympic, and many super series title.

She also ever stayed in the top rank women single. Now, Wang Yihan decided to retire from badminton international stage after Rio Olympic 2016. She failed in Rio Olympic 2016 after beaten by Shindu PV in the quarterfinal.

  1. Goh Liu Ying

Born in 1989, Goh Liu Ying specialized in mixed double discipline. As one of beautiful badminton players, Goh Liu Ying is also fierce on court. Paired with Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying ever stayed in the top 3 mixed doubles. Chan Peng Soon/Goh Liu Ying now became main gun for Malaysia in badminton tournament.

In Malaysia, Goh Liu Ying is also famous as model. Latest, Goh Liu Ying joined as the cast in the movie Good Bye Mr Loser.

  1. Aya Ohori

Aya Ohori is one of the young Japanese beautiful badminton players. She is so beautiful like AKB48 member. Many badminton fans will be missing her on court.

After long time taking rest because of injury, Aya Ohori is back with good performance. In 2016, she is back and got Thailand Open 2016 champion.

  1. Yu Xiaohan

One of the most beautiful badminton players is Yu Xiaohan. She is Chinese badminton players who focused in women doubles and mixed doubles. Pairing with Ou Dongni, Yu Xiaohan ever got Singapore Open champion in 2015. Unfortunately, she ever included in doping scandal and make her disappeared for several months.

Now, Yu Xiaohan is back with the new appearance. Yu Xiaohan looks slimmer than before. Even though she cut her hair shorter, but Yu Xiaohan is still one of the most beautiful badminton players. She will pair with Bao Yixin for the next tournament in China Open Super Series Premiere 2016.

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