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The question why Ma Jin/Zhong Qianxin withdrawn from China Thaihot 2016 answered. This is not because one of them got injured, but Ma Jin decided to end her career in badminton. What’s really happening with Ma Jin?

From Ma Jin Weibo social media account, Ma Jin told about her future.

“11 years having career in badminton, this is time to go. I am so grateful”

“I just wanna say thanks to all who support and give attention to me” wrote Ma Jin in her Weibo account.

Actually, Ma Jin retires planning is after Rio Olympic 2016. Ma Jin said that she really wants to end her career in badminton soon. She wants to end her assignment to give her best in Olympic.

But, everthing has changed to Ma Jin. When her friends such as Yu Yang, Zhao Yunlei, Tian Qing, Wang Shixian, and Wang Yihan retired officially from badminton, Ma Jin retires planning after Rio Olympic canceled. She changed her mind.

This is what Ma Jin wrote postponing her retirement after Olympic

“After 10 minutes conversation with my friend, it all changed my mind. I decided to continue play badminton. Chinese badminton is the greatest. Let the shuttlecock flies until 2020.

Finally Ma Jin continues play in women doubles with Zhong Qianxin n Denmark and French. But, Ma Jin/Zhong Qianxin didn’t show their best performance in their first and second tournament.

Ma Jin Retires Statement in Weibo Account

After the bad performance in Denmark and French, suddenly Ma Jin/Zhong Qianxin withdrawn from China Open. It is confirmed that the withdrawing is because of Ma Jin retires from badminton.

What really happened makes Ma Jin think to retire again after her postpone to retire. Whatever happened to Ma Jin, she is one of the great double players.

During her career, Ma Jin got world champion with Wang Xiaoli, stayed in the top rank women doubles and mixed doubles, silver Olympic Games 2012, and many other super series title in women doubles and mixed double.

Ma Jin also had contribution to raise young Chinese players performance, such as Tang Jinhua, Tang Yuanting, Zhong Qianxin and others.

Ma Jin retires, and some of Chinese senior players might follow her after this.

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