Zhao Yunlei Vacation to Sydney after Retirement – Badminton Noise

Zhao Yunlei really wants to enjoy her life right now. After retirement decision in the end of Rio Olympics, Zhao Yunlei wants to try her new path of the life. In the retirement announcement she posted in Weibo account, Zhao Yunlei wants to be much closer with her family, especially to her dad and mom. During her career as badminton players, her togetherness with the family is so rare, because she spent her time in national team.

Now, Zhao Yunlei looks happy with her family. In the latest post from super bear, Zhao Yunlei went for vacation to Sydney. Yunlei is not alone. Accompanied by her parents, Zhao Yunlei looks enjoying every single moment she spent in Sydney.

In many photos posted of Zhao Yunlei vacation, Zhao Yunlei looks so beautiful. There is no pressure and burden in her face, like what often seen when she was on badminton court. She looks very happy right now.…

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Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City for Sudirman Cup 2017 Promotion – Badminton Noise

In the update issue some days ago, Zhao Yunlei went to Australia for vacation with her mother and father. Actually, Zhao Yunlei has the other mission why she went to Australia.

Zhao Yunlei came to Australia because of the invitation from Australia to promote badminton there. It was so right because Australia will become host of Sudirman Cup 2017. The world and Olympic champ, Zhao Yunlei is the right person to promote badminton in Australia.

Sudirman Cup 2017 will be held in Gold coast city, Queensland. This is the first time for Australia becoming the host for big team event tournament in badminton. As we know, tennis is more popular than badminton in Australia. There is Australia Grand Slam that is held in January every year.

Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City is also hoped to give the good effect for the badminton development in Australia. Sudirman Cup 2017 promotion started from now to recognize badminton in Australia.…

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Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei Break Up, Yunlei Still Supports Nan – Badminton Noise

Zhao Yunlei Break Up and Zhao Yunlei Retires Announcement

Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei are the legend in the badminton. Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei is like monster in mixed doubles with many good performances they showed. Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei stayed in the top rank mixed doubles in some years before they decided to end it all. What happened?

Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei have a good chemistry on and off court. Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei relationship off court becomes something big news for badminton lovers. But now, we will never see Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei together on court and off court. Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei break up, as a partner in mixed doubles and partner in their life. Zhao Yunlei break up with Zhang Nan is announced by Zhao after they are lost in semifinal Olympic Rio 2016 and only got bronze medal.

Zhao Yunlei announced her break up with Zhang Nan in her weibo account.…

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Yoo Yeon Seong Retires Reason Out of Korean National Team – Badminton Noise

Yoo Yeon Seong Retires with 3 Others Korean Shuttlers

The retirement news of 4 Korean badminton players from national team are so shocking. Just reminiscence, 4 of them are still in the peak performance, including Yoo Yeon Seong retires who paired with Lee Yong Dae in Men’s Doubles. Lee Yong Dae, Yoo Yeon Seong, Kim Sa Rang, and Bae Yeon Ju have the different reason why the decide to out of national team.

Lee Yong Dae wants to take rest from the national team after the long and rigid schedule of badminton tournament. Besides, he also wants to give the space and opportunity for junior athlete more in the higher tournament. As we know, Korea always sends senior team in the high level badminton tournament, like Super Series and Grand Prix Gold. And junior has lack opportunity to feel badminton tournament.

Yoo Yeon Seong Retires after Having Baby

Different with LeeYong Dae, Yoo Yeon Seong retires aimed to focus to his little family.…

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Xie Xingfang Pregnant Update Issue after Some Years Married – Badminton Noise

This is the happy news from Xie Xingfang. Xie Xingfang, Lin Dan wife issued that she was pregnant.

Xie Xingfang is one of the women single legends from China. She is Olympic silver medalist in Beijing 2008. In the final, Xie Xingfang is beaten by her teammate, Zhang Ning who finally got 2 gold medal in two different Olympic in a row. But, Xie Xingfang got 2 times world champion in 2005 and 2006.

The career journey of Xie Xingfang is involved with her relationship with men single legend from China, Lin Dan. Since 2003, Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan issued that they have relationship and dating. Finally, Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan married on 23 September 2012.

Xie Xingfang disappears from badminton after she got silver medal in Olympic 2008. But, her last appearance in badminton is in national games in China 2009. After that, Xie Xingfang decide for the other thing out of badminton.…

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Wang Shixian Retire, She Continues Master Study – Badminton Noise

Wang Shixian Retire – Shixian Next Plan Life

One of the Chinese badminton athlete announce for retirement after Rio Olympic is Wang Shixian. It is also so surprising because Wang Shixian is still young. Born in 13 February 2016, she is still 26 years olf right now. Having failed 2 times in a row participating in Olympics may become one reason why Wang Shixian finally gives up to pursue others in badminton. For Tokyo Olympic 2020, Wang Shixian is 30 years old.

Wang Shixian career in badminton is as bright as her physical appearance. Wang Shixian ever stayed in the top rank women single and got many super series titles. Wang Shixian got 2 times title in All England in 2011 and 2014. Besides, Wang Shixian also got gold medal in Asian Games 2014.

What will Wang Shixian do after retirement decision? Wang Shixian will do something different in her path of the life.…

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Shin Baek Cheol Retired Officially Announced by BWF – Badminton Noise

This might be the sad story in badminton international stage after Rio Olympic. As we know, there are many badminton players decided to retire after Olympic Rio 2016. The retired badminton players included top double players from Korea. There are Lee Yong Dae, Kim Sa Rang, and Shin Baek Cheol.

Shin Baek Cheol actually announced that he leaves Korean national team before Rio Olympic 2016. This is because Shin Baek Cheol is not participated in Rio Olympic. Paired with Ko Sung Hyun, actually Shin Baek Cheol listed in top 8 men double rank. But, every country is only able to send 2 representatives. Korea sends Kim Ki Jung/Kim Sa Rang and Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong.

Shin Baek Cheol almost qualified in mixed double paired with Chae Yoo Jung. But, they only stayed in 9thrank and finally Korea only sends Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na.

Shin Baek Cheol finally decided to leave Korea national team before Olympic.…

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Semifinal China Open 2016 SSP – Kevin/Marcus Kicked Chai/Hong – Badminton Noise

What an amazing performance shown by Indonesian young player, Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Fernaldi. This Indonesian player beats the top seeded in semifinal China Open 2016 Chai Biao/Hong Wei in tight rubber set 16-21 26-24 21-19.

Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Fernaldi turned over Chai Biao/Hong Wei in the second and third set. Even though they are left behind Chai/Hong, Kevin/Marcus move up in the end of the points and grab the final ticket tomorrow.

Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen will be Kevin/Marcus opponent in the final China Open 2016. Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen beats Zhang Nan/Liu Cheng in straight set 23-21 21-17.

Chen Long goes to the first final after Olympics. Chen Long beats Viktor Axelsen in rubber set 21-18 9-21 21-14. He will play against Jan O Jorgensen in the final. Jan O Jorgensen beats Malaysian player Iskandar Zulkarnain 22-20 20-22 21-7.

Gold medalist mixed double in Olympic Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir beats young Korean player Choi Solgyu/Chae Yoo Jung 21-17 25-23.…

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Retired, Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong Removed from BWF 1st Rank – Badminton Noise

Many badminton players who decided to retired after Olympics make BWF did some policies. However. After BWF received the resignation letter from the badminton association in every country of the players, BWF then removed their name in the entry of badminton player in BWF.

Before, some badminton single players removed from BWF rank. Some of them include Wang Yihan, Wang Shixian, Wang Zhengming, and some others name. Now, their name is not listed again in BWF rank or in BWF badminton player entry.

After some weeks, now this is the time for doubles player removed from BWF Rank. Some of them are Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeo Seong, Kim Gi Jung/Kim Sa Rang, Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei, Ko Sung Hyun/Shin Baek Cheol, Yu Yang/Tang Yuanting, and Tian Qing/Zhao Yunlei.

Now, there is no their retired badminton players name within BWF rank. Even though those badminton players still have points and stayed in top 10 ranks, BWF officially removed their name.…

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Ratchanok Intanon Boyfriend, Pannawit Thongnuam so Handsome – Badminton Noise

Ratchanok Intanon is Thailand badminton players who created many histories in her career. She has many achievements in badminton since young. Now, in 21 years old, Ratchanok has many achievements that make Thai citizens proud of her.

Talking about May, Ratchanok usually called, she also had something special off court that makes curious. Ratchanok Intanon relationship becomes something curious for people, especially who being fans of her. Revealed before, Ratchanok ever had relationship with Jonas Rafly Jansen, the Indonesian badminton player when she was still playing in junior.

Now, Ratchanok Intanon has a special relationship with Pannawit Thongnuam. It is the new name. But, actually Pannawit Thongnuam is also Thai badminton player who played in men single discipline.

Ratchanok Intanon boyfriend is Pannawit Thongnuam right now. This issue spread out over the public since both of Ratchanok and Pannawit often posted their closeness and togetherness in instgaram account. They look so closed and another.…

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Quarterfinal Denmark Open 2016, Lee Chong Wei Out – Badminton Noise

Denmark Open Super Series Premier gives many surprising matches since round 1. In the quarterfinal Denmark Super Series Premier 2016, time for Lee Chong Wei to out of the competition.

Lee Chong Wei, the first seeded in this tournament surprisingly is beaten by French badminton player, Brice Leverdez. Brice Leverdez won the game in the QF Denmark Open 2016 over Lee Chong Wei 21-17 20-22 21-19. This is so surprising because Denmark Open has the birthday in the same time. Not a lucky Lee Chong Wei in his birthday at Denmark Open 2016.

The last men single Danish representative, Anders Antonsen should give up in the quarterfinal Denmark Open 2016. Anders Antonsen is beaten by Thai badminton player Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk in 17-21 21-14 15-21. Tanongsak will play against Brice Leverdez to grab ticket final Denmark Open 2016.

The first seeded mixed double, Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na gave up from Danish badminton player, Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen.…

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Premier Badminton League Hyderabad Hunters Team for Season 2 – Badminton Noise

Hyderabad Hunters wants to give the best in the next Premier Badminton League season 2 in 2017. This team is very serious facing the next India league.

From the list of the Premier Badminton League Hyderabad Hunters team, there are some top rank badminton players who joined within the team. Who are they?

The first name is Carolina Marin. Carolina Marin became the highest auctioned player in Premier Badminton League season 2. Hyderabad Hunters auctioned her with 61.5 Lacs. It is such the high price PBL India season 2. Gold Olympic medal in Rio Olympic and top rank women single right now makes Hyderabad Hunters encouraged to bid Carolina with the high auction.

The next name is Tan Wee Kiong with 33 Lacs. The success of Tan Wee Kiong grabbing silver medal in Rio Olympic and the first super series premiere title in Denmark Open SSP makes Tan Wee Kiong price so high.…

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Premier Badminton League Chennai Smashers Team for Season 2 – Badminton Noise

#Baddiesareback became the hashtag for the new season Premier Badminton League India in 2017. The annual badminton tournament held in India make interested many top badminton players to play within the tournament.

This league tournament gives much income for the badminton players. That’s why many top players joined in Premier Badminton League last year. For this year, who will be joined?

Chennai Masters announced the result of their auction in Premier Badminton League 2017. Every team has the options to choose top badminton players they want by auction process. The highest auction will be the winner and had the right to grab the badminton player within the team.

Who will be included in Premier Badminton League Chennai Smashers Team? This is the brief decription for the players in Premier Badminton League Chennai Smasher for season 2 2017.

The highest auction Chennai Smashers is PV Shindu with 39 Lacs. Her good performance grabbing silver medal in women single Rio Olympics make her price became the highest auction.…

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List of Beautiful Badminton Players in the Entire World – Badminton Noise

There are many women badminton athlete that you are interested to know more. In this article, you will see some beautiful badminton players in the entire world. Who are they?

We will give 5 beautiful badminton players from some countries. They are not only beautiful, but also they are having the good performance on badminton court. They also had many achievement and titles in their career as female badminton players.

Here you are 5 pretty badminton players as our preferences:

  1. Jung Kyung Eun

Jung Kyung Eun is Korean badminton player specialized in women doubles who was born in 1990. If you still remembered, Jung Kyung Eun is included in the black card incident in London Olympic 2012. Paired with Kim Ha Na, Kyung Jung Eun should let the medal go because of unfair match with the other women double players, including Wang Xiaoli/Yu Yang, Kim Min Jung/Ha Jung Eun, and Greysia Polii, Meiliana Jauhari.…

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Lin Dan Birthday. Lin Dan and Mother Posted Photo – Badminton Noise

Lin Dan is the legend in badminton stage. Many achievements he grabbed in his career as men single badminton player. The best one is two times Olympics gold medalist in two times in a row by defeating Lee Chong Wei in the final.

Lin Dan was born on 14 October 1983. 2 days ago, Lin Dan has a birthday party. Lin Dan now is 33 years old. Lin Dan is still not announcing yet whether he retires from badminton stage or no. 33 years old is not young again for athlete, including for badminton player. But, Lin Dan is still active now. The last performance is Lin Dan played for Beijing in badminton national league, and brought Beijing became the champion.

What is happening in Lin Dan birthday 33 years old?

In Lin Dan weibo account, Lin Dan didn’t say much thing in his birthday party. Lin Dan posted his photo with his mom in his birthday party 33 years old.…

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Lin Dan Affair with Other Girl, Name Zhao Yaqi the Model – Badminton Noise

The rumor of Lin Dan affair is still being the hot issue now in China. This is coming from when the person named “Detective Zhao” posted the photos of Lin Dan with the other girl. He posted it just several days after Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang baby born.

“Detective Zhao” stated that the photos are taken in October. This is when Xie Xingfang is still pregnant. After it is posted in Weibo social media, this post became viral. There are hundreds thousand repost of Lin Dan and the girl photos. Many netizen said that this is Lin Dan affair.

After some investigation of netizen in China, the girl with Lin Dan on photos finally revealed. Who is the girl who have affair with Lin Dan?

She is Zhao Yaqi. According to the internet users investigated Lin Dan affair, Zhao Yaqi is a model and actress in China. As a model, of course Zhao Yaqi is very beautiful.…

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Korea Open 2016: Lee Yong Dae Retires Last Tournament before Leaving National Team – Badminton Noise

Lee Yong Dae Retires Shocking News

Victor Korea Open 2016 Super Series will be very emotional for some of Korean badminton players. However, there are 4 others Korean badminton players who will be leaving national team after Korea Open Super Series 2016.

There are Lee Yong Dae, Yoo Yeon Seong, Kim Sa Rang, and Bae Yeon Ju. The news of Lee Yong Dae Retires is not wrong. They are planning to leave national team and taking rest following their mate, Shin Baek Cheol who had already leaving national team before Rio Olympics 2016.

It was very emotional because all of the Korean shuttler are the main weapon for Korea in badminton right now. Even, Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong is still staying in the top rank Men’s double until today before Lee Yong Dae retires. What’s really happened with them? It becomes the big question from all people.

Lee Yong Dae Retires Played in Professional League

Quoted from Yonhap, Lee Yong Dae wants to take rest after his long journey in badminton.…

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Korea Open 2016: Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan Last Tournament before Break Up – Badminton Noise

Besides 4 Koreans badminton shuttler, Korea Open 2016 Super Series will also be the last tournament for Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan. Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan will not retire from badminton in the short time. But, they will break up in the next tournament.

Starting from Denmark Open 2016 Super Series Premiere in October, Hendra/Ahsan will not play as a pair. They will play with their new partner. Hendra Setiawan will pair with Rian Agung Saputra. In the other side, Mohammad Ahsan will pair with Berry Angriawan.

Hendra/Ahsan split is not without particular reason. The bad performance in Olympic Rio 2016 might become the reason why they need to refresh. Then, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan are not young anymore. They need new young gun to maintain their passion in badminton.

Berry Angriawan/Rian Agung Saputra is not new name in badminton. They are pairing in men double until now. But, they don’t find shining performance since being paired 2 years ago.…

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Kento Momota Comeback Issue after Gambling Scandal – Badminton Noise

This might be the good news for Kento Momota fans all around the world. Kento Momota issued will be coming back to the badminton court. Is it true?

Kento Momota name is listed in Japan national badminton championship 2016 that will be held on 28th November until 4th December 2016.

Kento Momota comeback? It is becoming the hot issue in badminton news. However, Kento Momota is the great men single badminton player. There are many prestigious titles presented by Kento Momota in badminton. Momota also became the hero for Japan when grabbing Thomas Cup 2014 for the first time.

Unfortunately, Kento Momota included in the gambling scandal. It was revealed that Kento Momota and 2 other badminton players entered illegal casino in Japan. As the information, Japan nation is very strict with illegal gambling and casino. Illegal casino and illegal gambling are such the bad things for Japanese.…

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Kenichi Hayakawa Retired from Japan National Team – Badminton Noise

The other shocking news came from Japanese badminton player, Kenichi Hayakawa. According to many issues spread out in Japanese media, Kenichi Hayakawa decided to retire from badminton. Even, Kenichi Hayakawa had been submitted resignation letter to Japanese badminton national team.

Kenichi Hayakawa is being one of the top men double badminton players. Pairing with Hiroyuki Endo, Kenichi Hayakawa ever stayed in number 2 world rank men doubles. Hiroyuki Endo/ Kenichi Hayakawa ever became runner-up in All England 2013, 2014, and 2016.

Unfortunately, Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo never feel to be champion of super series tournament. They only stayed as runner-up in more than 5 final occasions, including 3 time All England final and 1 time super series final

Kenichi Hayakawa retired news is becoming the hot issue in Japanese media and the entire badminton fans in the world. Hayakawa and Endo don’t play again after their lost in the quarterfinal Olympic 2016.…

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