Fu Haifeng Retired after Dubai Super Series Final 2016 – Badminton Noise

The shocking news came from senior Chinese badminton player, Fu Haifeng. Fu Haifeng, one of the men doubles legend in badminton; decide to end his badminton career in the end of 2016.

This badminton player who had the hard smash will still play until the end of this year before decision of Fu Haifeng retired. Fu Haifeng will be pairing with the other senior badminton player, Xu Chen. For the first time, Fu Haifeng paired with Xu Chen in Denmark Open Super Series Premier 2016. Unfortunately Fu Haifeng/Xu Chen lost to Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen in round 2 Denmark Open 2016.

Xu Chen/Fu Haifeng pair in men doubles still continues in the next tournament. Xu Chen and Fu Haifeng still play in China Open SSP and Hong Kong Open SS next month.

In the end of this year, Fu Haifeng paired with Zhang Nan will play in the closing tournament, Dubai Super Series Final.…

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Final Thailand Open 2016, Aya Ohori Wins Women Single Title – Badminton Noise

Thailand Open became very sensational for Japanese badminton player, Aya Ohori. In this tournament, Aya Ohori got her first grand prix gild title after beating Thailand badminton player, Busanan Ongbamrungphan. In the final SCG Thailand Open 2016, Aya Ohori defeats Busanan in straight set 24-23 21-8.

The first set looks so hard ofor both player, Aya Ohori and Busanan are young player who wants to reach their top performance. Aya Ohori got the first set in tight score 25-23. In the second set, Busanan looks empty of energy. Aya Ohori uses this opportunity to leave Busanan in easy game 21-8.

Indonesian badminton player, Berry Angriawan/Rian Agung got their last sweet farewell in the final Thailand Open 2016. As their last tournament before split, Berry/Rian give the last title after beating Japanese badminton player, Takuto Inoue/Yuki Kaneko in rubber set 17-21 21-14 21-18. Starting in Denmark Open SSP 2016, Berry/Rian will be mixed by two times world champ Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan.…

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Here the Fastest Smash Female Badminton Players – Badminton Noise

Who is female badminton player who has the fastest smash? We have the list of the fastest smash female badminton players for you.

This list is released by BWF. Female badminton player usually has the weaker smash than male badminton player. But, see in the list from BWF will amaze us because women badminton player smash is also very fast.

The list of the fastest smash female badminton player is only for women single. The smash is created in the Super Series tournament. BWF now has the new tools to calculate the speed of badminton player smash.

So, here you ate the fastest smash female badminton player, especially in women single.

  1. Ratchanok Intanon. The Thai badminton player created 372 kph smash in semifinal Malaysia Open 2016. In this tournament, Ratchanok Intanon also became the champion.
  2. Tai Tzu Ying. Not only the beautiful style badminton, Tai Tzu Ying actually also has the fast smash with 360 kph.
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Debby Susanto Retired Issue Postponed, She Wants World Champion 2017 – Badminton Noise

Debby Susanto is one of the mixed double guns for Indonesia. Pairing with Praveen Jordan, Debby Susanto ever stayed in the rank 2 mixed doubles. The highest achievement of Praveen Jordan/Debby Susanto is All England Champion 2016 and finalist French Open SS 2015.

Many issue spread out that Debby Susanto retired after Rio Olympic 2016. Well, Debby Susanto ever posted in her instagram account that Olympic is her last tournament. But, she confirmed that it might be her last Olympic, but she will play in any other badminton tournament.

Debby Susanto is issued that she will retire from badminton to get married with her boyfriend. Debby Susanto and boyfriend had tied in many years. So, Debby Susanto married issue is not the new issue spreading out in many badminton fans, especially for Indonesian fans.

But, Debby Susanto committed that she will play in 2017. Praveen Jordan/Debby Susanto committed that they will be the main gun for Indonesian mixed double discipline.…

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Chen Qingchen Cute Photo before China Open SSP – Badminton Noise

Chen Qingchen is becoming the hottest topic to discuss after Rio Olympic. She becomes the most shining young Chinese badminton players after Rio Olympic 2016. When many senior Chinese badminton players retired after Rio Olympic 2016, Chen Qingchen emerges to bring back China glory in badminton.

Born in 1997, of course Chen Qingchen is still very young. She was still following junior tournament in 2015, and becoming world junior champion in mixed doubles (with Zheng Siwei) and women double (with Jia Yifan).

Now, Chen Qingchen stayed in top 10 world rank BWF in mixed double and women double.

As a teenager, do you see that Chen Qingchen is still cute? Chen Qingchen is not too high, and her body is little bit chubby. Chen Qingchen cute when she is off badminton court can be seen in many updates in her weibo social media.

Now, here you are Chen Qingchen cute photo uploaded.…

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Chen Long Girlfriend Wang Shixian Photos with Baby – Badminton Noise

The love relationship among Chen Long and Wang Shixian is not new news. The speculation of their relationship is spread out some years ago. Chen Long and Wang Shixian also don’t refuse their relationship.

The last one news about Chen Long and Wang Shixian is when Shixian went to Rio only to support Chen Long. Wang Shixian is not qualified to play in Rio, but she sincerely flied far away to Rio only for him. And the support of Wang Shixian to Chen Long gave the sweet prize because Chen Long got gold medal in men single discipline. It proved that Wang Shixian is a good and loyal Chen Long girlfriend.

Last, Chen Long posted his closeness with Wang Shixian. In the photo, Wang Shixian carried the cute and funny baby. Besides, Chen Long looks caring to the baby. Is there any sign from Chen Long about the photos he posted?…

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Check These Handsome Badminton Players in the List – Badminton Noise

The cuteness and handsomeness ion badminton court will never be over. There are some men badminton players that hypnotized many girls to stay on the seat to see their amazing game on court. Who are they?

We have some lists of handsome badminton players. They are not only handsome player, but also having good and attractive game on badminton court. Even, they also have good achievement in their badminton career. Who are the most handsome badminton players?

  1. Pannawit Thongnuam

Maybe some of the badminton fans still never hear his name. Well, it is a normal thing because he is the new and young badminton player from Thailand. Pannawit Thongnuam is specialized in men single discipline.

Tawan, Pannawit Thongnuam called name is very cute and handsome badminton player. Many will be shocked because he is like Thailand actor in many ways.

Pannawit Thongnuam is issued have a dating and relationship with Ratchanok Intanon, women single world champion 2014 from Thailand.…

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Chae Yoo Jung Beautiful Photo with Shin Seung Chan – Badminton Noise

Chae Yoo Jung is Korean badminton player specialized in doubles. Now, she played in women doubles, pairing with Kim So Yeong and mixed doubles with Choi Solgyu.

She is the young and talented badminton player and hoped to be the great badminton Korean player. As you know, Chae Yoo Jung achievement in badminton junior level is very good. With Choi Solgyu, Chae Yoo Jung became 2 times Asian junior champion in 2012 and 2013. Besides, she also became world junior champion in women double with Kim Ji Won.

Growing up to be more adult, Chae Yoo Jung now is in senior level. She had good achievement paired with Shin Baek Choel in mixed doubles. Unfortunately, she failed to participate in Rio Olympic 2016 because she and Shin only stayed in 9th rank.

Stay on you seat. Chae Yoo Jung now also transformed to be beautiful girl. See Chae Yoo Jung beautiful photos on her social media account.…

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Hendra Setiawan Leaves Badminton Indonesia Training Camp – Badminton Noise

The puzzle of Hendra Setiawan future has been answered. If before Hendra Setiawan still doesn’t give the clear answer about his future in badminton, now he answered it all.

As per 1 December 2016, Hendra Setiawan fixed to leave Indonesia training camp. So, China Open SSP 2016 and Hong Kong Open SS will be his last tournament with Indonesia training camp. Hendra Setiawan will partner Berry Angriawan in China Open SSP and Hong Kong Open SS.

But, Hendra Setiawan didn’t think about retirement. He will play as independent player. Quoted from badmintonindonesia.org, Hendra still didn’t think yet who will be his partner as professional badminton player.

“We will see, there are some candidates to be my partners, there is also the possibility to pair with badminton player out of Indonesia” said Hendra.

After leaving Indonesia training camp, Hendra Setiawan hopes that his junior can give better performance. He said that the junior should be ready to be the backbone for Indonesia.…

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Chen Long Wang Shixian Sweet Couple Fans Meeting – Badminton Noise

No deny that Chen Long and Wang Shixian are the sweet badminton couple right now. Before, we see Chen Long Wang Shixian sweetness in Universal Studio Japan, now we see it in any other way.

Chen Long and Wang Shixian hot and sweet relationship seen in Chen Long fans meeting 13 November. It makes envy all fans who attend the Chen Long fans meeting. Chen Long and Wang Shixian also played mixed doubles in exhibition.

Taken from sina, you can see within the photo of Chen Long Wang Shixian joy on stage. See it. With the couple black shirt, Chen Long and Wang Shixian smile, even Wang Shixian laugh so wide. It looks like that they are really enjoying their relationship.

Even though Wang Shixian already retired from badminton stage, but she is not losing her way in badminton. However, this is because of Chen Long. Wang Shixian still became the hot issue in badminton news because of her relationship with Chen Long.…

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Ma Jin Retires from International Badminton Stage – Badminton Noise

The question why Ma Jin/Zhong Qianxin withdrawn from China Thaihot 2016 answered. This is not because one of them got injured, but Ma Jin decided to end her career in badminton. What’s really happening with Ma Jin?

From Ma Jin Weibo social media account, Ma Jin told about her future.

“11 years having career in badminton, this is time to go. I am so grateful”

“I just wanna say thanks to all who support and give attention to me” wrote Ma Jin in her Weibo account.

Actually, Ma Jin retires planning is after Rio Olympic 2016. Ma Jin said that she really wants to end her career in badminton soon. She wants to end her assignment to give her best in Olympic.

But, everthing has changed to Ma Jin. When her friends such as Yu Yang, Zhao Yunlei, Tian Qing, Wang Shixian, and Wang Yihan retired officially from badminton, Ma Jin retires planning after Rio Olympic canceled.…

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New Fu Haifeng Hairstyle in China Open Press Conference – Badminton Noise

Fu Haifeng looks more handsome in the different way. How could? Well, see what the difference of Fu Haifeng in the China Open Thaihot 2016 press conference. Do you know what it is?

This is new Fu Haifeng hairstyle. Fu Haifeng looks so different with the new hairstyle. He looks so fashionable and fresh with the new hairstyle. How different and stunning Fu Haifeng.

Fu Haifeng colored his hair with blonde color in the top of his hair. He looks so cool. With the half black and blonde color, Fu Haifeng hairstyle looks very different with the other badminton player.

In the end of his career in badminton, Fu Haifeng wants to look different. Two times gold medal Olympics actually doesn’t play in Thaihot China Open. Fu Haifeng/Liu Xialong actually listed in men doubles player who played in China Open Thaihot 2016. But, they withdraw in the last minute.

Definitely, Fu Haifeng new hairstyle while attending press conference in Thaihot China Open 2016 makes many journalist pay attention to him.…

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Retired, Ma Jin still in Fuzhou for China Open 2016 – Badminton Noise

Ma Jin already confirmed about her retirement from her weibo account. This is the second announcement by Ma Jin from her weibo account. Before, Ma Jin retirement announced before Rio Olympic that she will retire after Olympic. But, it is all suddenly canceled.

After postponing her retirement, Ma Jin played in Denmark Open and French Open 2016 in women doubles with Zhong Qianxin. They got bad result in Denmark and French. Suddenly, Ma Jin/Zhong QIanxin withdrew from Thaihot China Open 2016. This is answered after Ma Jin announced her retirement.

Even though Ma Jin retired already, but Ma Jin actually still come in Fuzhou. Fuzhou is the place for Thaihot China Open 2016. Wearing black sweater mixed with white color, Ma Jin looks so happy.

Ma Jin also meet up with some badminton players, such as Misaki Matsutomo, Ayaka Takahashi, Kamilla Rytter Juhl, and Greysia Polii. Ma Jin talked mauch with those some badminton players.…

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Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin Relationship Cause Be Separated as Mixed Pairs? – Badminton Noise

Liu Cheng/Bao Yixin suddenly splitted as mixed double player. There are rumors spread out in Chinese badminton team about the new regulation. Mixed double player is not allowed had the relationship and dating out of badminton court.

As the information, Liu Cheng is Bao Yixin boyfriend. Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin have the special relationship out of badminton court. In the badminton court, Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin is a pair in mixed double.

After Olympic 2016, Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin separated in mixed double. Liu Cheng plays in men double with Zhang Nan. In the other side, Bao Yixin played in mixed double with Li Junhui. Liu Cheng and Bao Yixin separation emerges the speculation about no love in mixed double partner.

Is it the right issue?

After match of round 1 Thaihot China Open 2016, Liu Cheng give the confirmation about his separation and rumor with Bao Yixin.…

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How Lin Dan Sponsor Contracts His Affair Scandal Leaked – Badminton Noise

Lin Dan affair scandal with the other girl took many attentions from many people. This is because Lin Dan is included as the very popular person in China, especially as success sportman. Many netizens speculated what will be happening to Lin Dan after his affair scandal became viral in all over the world.

One of the questions emerged is about Lin Dan sponsor. Lin Dan income is very much from many brands which contracted him as brand ambassador. You can see when Lin Dan is becoming ambassador for KFC, Yonex, Oakley, Gilette, Citroen, Red Bull, Pepsi, and so on.

Many negated side is given by many people after Lin Dan affair leaked. Just a little bit netizens who can think normally. Even though Xie Xingfang has been forgiven Lin Dan, but it is not with the other people. May be including with the sponsor.

With many Lin Dan sponsor, this is normal when Lin Dan included as one of the richest sportman in China.…

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Lee Chong Wei Comments about Jan O Jorgensen Bad Attitude – Badminton Noise

Lee Chong Wei gives the statement about what is happening in China Open Super Series Premier 2016. Even though he withdrawn from China Open, but Lee Chong Wei followed the updated news from there, including semifinal men single match Jan O Jorgensen play against Iskandar Zulkarnain.

This happened when Jan O Jorgensen throws Iskandar Zulkarnain shirt away. It emerges the controversy because there is Malaysia flag in the shirt. Many Malaysians said this is bad attitude and disrespectful to the other country. Jan O Jorgensen actually has been apologized from his official facebook yesterday.

Lee Chong Wei said Iskandar Zulkarnain showed his best in this tournament. But, what happened during the game against Jan O Jorgensen is not the reason of his lost.

This is Lee Chong Wei comments about semifinal match China Open 2016 Iskandar Zulkarnain vs Jan O Jorgensen.

“Jan O Jorgensen played with psychological. This is the new experience for Iskandar to accept the losing and increase the power of mentality”

“This (Jorgensen throws Iskandar shirt) is not being the reason why he lost.

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Jan O Jorgensen and Iskandar Zulkarnain “Throw Shirt” Case Closed? – Badminton Noise

China Open Super Series Premier ended up. But, the controversy in China Open emerges when Jan O Jorgensen controversy throwing Iskandar shirt away became the viral.

Both of Iskandar Zulkarnain and Jan O Jorgensen give the statement in their facebook account. Iskandar said that it is not respect thing because of Malaysia flag in the shirt. But, Jan O Jorgensen ask for the apologize and he didn’t mean to do the bad thing.

Now, Iskandar Zulkarnain posted the new update about “throw shirt” controversy. He posted the photo together with Jan O Jorgensen. It looks like Jan O Jorgensen and Iskandar Zulkarnain met up to close this controversy.

This is Iskandar Zulkarnain quote on his Facebook account:

“Jan O just meet me and we have talk for a while. I just wanna to say here past is past. His really nice guy. GoodLluck Jan o for Hong Kong open this week.

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Badminton Hong Kong Open 2016 Round 1 Result – Badminton Noise

Badminton Hong Kong Open 2016 became the last super series tournament in this year. This tournament also became last decision for the badminton players who can participate in Dubai for Super Series final 2016. Only 8 best badminton players in each discipline will have the right to participate there.

Nozomi Okuhara became women single player who failed to participate in Dubai SSF 2016. Before, Nozomi Okuhara still has chance to participate in Dubai SSF 2016. Because of Nozomi withdraw from badminton Hong Kong Open SS 2016, and the other players won in the first round, Nozomi chance is over.

Sayaka Sato, Saina Nehwal, and PV Shindu still in competition to grab 1 remaining ticket fot Dubai SSF. The best reaching in Hong Kong Open 2016 will be the one who will get ticket to Dubai SSF in women single discipline.

In mixed doubles, the last one remaining ticket is finally for Kenta Kazuno/Ayane Kurihara.…

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Semifinal Hong Kong Open 2016 Results, China Only 1 Representative to Final – Badminton Noise

Hong Kong Open 2016 is still not friendly enough for China new badminton generation. In the semifinal Hong Kong Open super series 2016 match, China only grab 1 final ticket from women double discipline, Li Yinhui/Huang Dongping.

Li Yinhui/Huang Dongping beats Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan in straight set 21-18 22-20. In the final Hong Kong Open SS 2016, Li/Huang will play against Danish badminton player, Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl. Christinna/Kamilla makes failed All Chinese final after beating Bai Yixin/Yu Xiaohan in straight set 21-13 21-11.

All Indonesian final happened in mixed double final Hong Kong Open. Praveen Jordan/Debby Susanto beats Choi SOlgyu/Chae Yoo Jung in rubber set 19-21 21-18 21-18 in semifinal Hong Kong Open 2016. Final mixed double Hong Kong Open will be for Indonesia Pravee/Debby play against Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir. Tontowi/Liliyana beats Tang Chun Man/Tse Ying Suet in straight set 23-21 21-14.

Carolina Marin got failed to grab super series title this year.…

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Lee Yong Dae Yonex Legend Vision Contract with Fantastic Value – Badminton Noise

Lee Yong Dae Yonex will have the new project for legend vision. Previously, we know with fantastic four of Yonex badminton players who included in Yonex Legend Vision. They are Lin Dan, Peter Gade, Lee Chong Wei, and Taufik Hidayat. Now, the member of Yonex legend vision will be added. This is Lee Yong Dae that will enter as the new member in Yonex Legend Vision.

How could it be? Lee Yong Dae will move to the Yonex right after his contract with Samsung will be over in the end of this year. Lee Yong Dae is expected by Ha Tae Kwon, Olympic gold medalist in 2004 and his former coach in Korea national team.

Lee Yong Dae Yonex Legend vision is chosen as Korea representative in Yonex. Now, every big country in badminton has its representative in Yonex Legend Vision. The difference of Lee Yong Dae Yonex with the other Yonex legend visions is he played in double discipline.…

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