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After Hendra Setiawan left national team, there is no hint with whom Hendra Setiawan partnered. But it is all answered.

Hendra Setiawan will partner with Tan Boon Heong, Malaysian badminton player. Tan Boon Heong previous partner, Koo Kien Keat will retire from badminton next year. So, Hendra Setiawan and Tan Boon Heong will play together as partner in men double.

Actually, Tan Boon Heong and Hendra Setiawan gave hint that they will partner in 2017. But, It is not clear enough so that it is still questionable.

From Hendra Setiawan Instagram account @hendrasansan, Hendra Setiawan uploaded his photos together with Hendra Setiawan. In the caption, Hendra Setiawan said that he will partner with Tan Boon Heong in 2017.

This is Hendra Setiawan caption on his Instagram account @hendrasansan:

“Next year, I will have a new partner who used to be one of my hardest opponent and also my good friend. He is Asian games champion 2006 & All England champion 2007.. Welcoming my new partner Tan Boon Heong.. Big hope that we can be the best. New Partner, New Target, New Challenge”

 Hendra Setiawan Tan Boon Heong Partner, New Indonesia-Malaysia Power

Tan Boon Heong also responed what Hendra Setiawan wrote on his Instagram account. Posted in Tan Boon Heong Facebook account, he also said yes that he will partner with Indonesian great front court player.

“Good morning everyone ~

I’m here today and would like to announce that my best friend ,my all time on court opponent, or more used to known as face expressionless player Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia will start our partnership effective from 1st January 2017”

Tan Boo Heong also said thanks to Koo Kien Keat for 10 years partnered in men double.

The decision of Hendra Setiawan and Tan Boon Heong to be partner in 2017 is also something rare in badminton. Hendra Setiawan and Tan Boon Heong came from the different country, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their partner will also unite Indonesia and Malaysia to support one men double pair. We will see Hendra Setiawan Tan Boon Heong on badminton court next year.

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