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Many badminton players retired emerged the issue for Sony Dwi Kuncoro retired, too. But, this is what Sony Dwi Kuncoro said about the issue about his retirement plan.


“I am not feeling old. I would not like to retire soon.  I feel I can add many others title in badminton”

Sony Dwi Kuncoro retired issue is also being commented by his wife, Gading Safitri. From her Instagram account, Sony Dwi Kuncoro wife said that Sony is still on fire to get more titles in badminton

“I am confused. Many people are asking to my husband. When (Sony Dwi Kuncoro) retire? When coaching? Want to be double partner?”

“Well, my husband is still on fire. The difference is, he is now as professional badminton player”

“Do you feel Sony Dwi Kuncoro age is 37, 38, 39 years old?” No. My husband entered national training camp when he is 17 years old. He got the first international title in 18 years old. My husband became champion earlier than his age. It might make many people said my husband is old. I believe with technology, sport science ad spirit of the athlete. Whats the age doesn’t matter”

What Gading Safitri, Sony Dwi Kuncoro wife said about the issue is wrong. His husband still plays in badminton tournament. There is no Sony Dwi Kuncoro retired plan soon.

Sony Dwi Kuncoro Retired Issue, This is Badminton Players in 30s Age

Born in 1984, Sony Dwi Kuncoro is 32 years old right now. Looking at to his age, there are the other badminton players who still active in 30’s age. You can see Lee Hyu Il, Boonsak Ponsana, Hu Yun, and some others Asian players. Besides, Europe badminton player is still onfire in 30’s, such as Joachim Fischer Nielsen, Jan O Jorgensen, Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen, and others.

See Lee Chong Wei. Lee Chong Wei is still able in good performance even though he is 34 years old now. So, it depends on each player how to maintain their performance.

So, Sony Dwi Kuncoro retired? Not now. We are still able to see him next tournament.

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