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Wang Shixian Retire – Shixian Next Plan Life

One of the Chinese badminton athlete announce for retirement after Rio Olympic is Wang Shixian. It is also so surprising because Wang Shixian is still young. Born in 13 February 2016, she is still 26 years olf right now. Having failed 2 times in a row participating in Olympics may become one reason why Wang Shixian finally gives up to pursue others in badminton. For Tokyo Olympic 2020, Wang Shixian is 30 years old.

Wang Shixian career in badminton is as bright as her physical appearance. Wang Shixian ever stayed in the top rank women single and got many super series titles. Wang Shixian got 2 times title in All England in 2011 and 2014. Besides, Wang Shixian also got gold medal in Asian Games 2014.

What will Wang Shixian do after retirement decision? Wang Shixian will do something different in her path of the life. Shixian will continue her study in Beijing Sport University. She will take master degree there.

Chen Long Girlfriend, Wang Shixian Retire from Badminton

Even though Wang Shixian failed to participate in Rio Olympic, but Wang Shixian still depart to Rio De Janeiro. What will Wang Shixian do there? This is because of Chen Long, Wang Shixian boyfriend.

Chen Long is the main gun of China in Men single. He becomes the one that will continue China glory in Men single after Lin Dan. As his girlfriend, Wang Shixian also supports Chen Long to grab gold medal in Olympic.

Her coming to Rio to support Chen Long is so priceless. Finally, Chen Long can grab gold medal after beating Lee Chong Wei, who should be satisfied with silver medal 3 times in 3 Olympic. How sincere support from Wang Shixian to Chen Long.

After Wang Shixian retire, she still support Chen Long in badminton, and vice versa. Many badminton lovers will be missing Shixian on court.

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