Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City for Sudirman Cup 2017 Promotion – Badminton Noise

In the update issue some days ago, Zhao Yunlei went to Australia for vacation with her mother and father. Actually, Zhao Yunlei has the other mission why she went to Australia.

Zhao Yunlei came to Australia because of the invitation from Australia to promote badminton there. It was so right because Australia will become host of Sudirman Cup 2017. The world and Olympic champ, Zhao Yunlei is the right person to promote badminton in Australia.

Sudirman Cup 2017 will be held in Gold coast city, Queensland. This is the first time for Australia becoming the host for big team event tournament in badminton. As we know, tennis is more popular than badminton in Australia. There is Australia Grand Slam that is held in January every year.

Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City is also hoped to give the good effect for the badminton development in Australia. Sudirman Cup 2017 promotion started from now to recognize badminton in Australia.

Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City Played Badminton in the Beach

In the promotion of badminton and Sudirman Cup 2017 in Australia, Zhao Yunlei also practice how play badminton in the beach. Playing badminton in the beach is the new thing that is recognized by BWF to popularize badminton to all public.

How does it feel playing badminton in the beach? It might be different with playing it in the badminton court indoor. To know how it does feel, Zhao Yunlei felt how play badminton in the beach.

The ex top rank in women double and mixed double, Zhao Yunlei said that she was interested to promote badminton after she retired, including in Australia. She is interested because she wants more people fall in love and interested with badminton.

Zhao Yunlei Gold Coast City existence signs that she is still existed in badminton even though she retired from badminton stage.

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