Zhao Yunlei Vacation to Sydney after Retirement – Badminton Noise

Zhao Yunlei really wants to enjoy her life right now. After retirement decision in the end of Rio Olympics, Zhao Yunlei wants to try her new path of the life. In the retirement announcement she posted in Weibo account, Zhao Yunlei wants to be much closer with her family, especially to her dad and mom. During her career as badminton players, her togetherness with the family is so rare, because she spent her time in national team.

Now, Zhao Yunlei looks happy with her family. In the latest post from super bear, Zhao Yunlei went for vacation to Sydney. Yunlei is not alone. Accompanied by her parents, Zhao Yunlei looks enjoying every single moment she spent in Sydney.

In many photos posted of Zhao Yunlei vacation, Zhao Yunlei looks so beautiful. There is no pressure and burden in her face, like what often seen when she was on badminton court. She looks very happy right now. Well, she had many times to spend after retired from badminton international stage.

Wearing sporty jacket, jeans, and sneakers, Zhao Yunlei still looks sporty. Besides, her parents also look sporty. It is a normal thing for the athlete family.

Zhao Yunlei Vacation, She Focused for Her Study

Zhao Yunlei vacation to Sydney is the only moment that she will share her activities after retirement. Many fans might still wait for her even though she is not in badminton anymore.

Twice times Olympic gold medalist, Zhao Yunlei now is still focusing to her master study. In a post in Weibo account, Zhao Yunlei said that studying is much easier than badminton. It is so funny. It proves that Zhao Yunlei still concern with her education even though she got many titles and awards in badminton.

Yunlei still promises to play badminton in national games that will be held in 2017. Just wait for her action after retirement.

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